About us…
In 2012 we started looking for our first Rhodesian Ridgeback, after visiting different kennels in Italy we decided to wait for a litter from Patrizia Graneris (Kifahari Kuzaa) and her husband Beppe, near Turin. Finally, on 29th March 2013 the litter was born, 7 healthy and correct puppies, the father was the most famous and stunning dog Wa Kishujaa Dakari owned by Markus Winkler. About 50days later we went to visit the litter and we were really excited, we were looking for a female puppy and we definitely fell in love with Miss Green. Some days later, Patrizia told us that she would have been our girl… the dream came true!! So, in the mid of June 2013 Kifahari Kuzaa Gimbya (aka Andy) arrived at our home and all started.
In 2014 we visited the first dog show in Milan without attending, but just to get more info about what&how to do in the ring. Later we decided to begin this path with Andy, obtaining soon great results and meeting a lot of new people in different countries.
In the meantime, every day we were more and more connected with Patrizia & Beppe becoming friends, sharing not only dog experiences. We are lucky as we didn’t find only a breeder, but true friends always ready to give us advices or simply a good word.
Almost 3 years later, we’ve decided to take our second RR, Kifahari Kuzaa Linje Mtoto Wa Arif, on Feb 2016. Linje is the most friendly ridgie we have seen so far, he is a clown, always happy with his unstoppable wagging tail and he is of course a very “gentleman” with all bitches. He is a studdog, making 4 litters and from one of these we’ve got our 3rd dog, the LiverBoy Kian, Kifahari Kuzaa Njata Kian. He was born in a perfect litter of 7 puppies always brood by Patrizia and her awesome bitch Kifahari Kuzaa M-Golden Eye.
We live in the Northern of Italy, in a small town near Como and close to the Swiss border, we share our daily life and our vacations with our beloved dogs who come always with us.

Enjoy reading of our website.
Gianmaria, Chiara & Leonardo (the two legged puppy).