Linje’s Data

Kifahari Kuzaa Linje Mtoto Wa Arif
(Studdog available for suitable bitches only)

D.o.B. 20th November 2015
Breeder: Mrs. Patrizia Graneris
H: 65 cm
W: 38kg
ED: 0
OCD: free
DM: clear
JME: clear
D-Locus: clear
B-Locus: B/b (Liver carrier)
Haemophilia B: clear
EOAD: clear
Full & correct scissor bite
Father: Faira Arif Kamilifu
Mom: Amali

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Linje arrived at home in February 2016, he is the clown of our house, he is always happy never stopping his tail, he goes around looking for cuddles from everyone. He is also a very gentleman with the females having always a very kind approach with them.
He has also gained good show results thanks to his top behavior and elegant movement in the ring. His wagging tail makes every day our life full of joy.